What is Gamehaven?

Gamehaven Park is a Rochester City park that is located on the south side of town. It lies due east of the Shoppes on Maine and the Wehrenberg Theatre, and includes about 260 acres of land. The park was created in the 1980's as part of the flood control project and contains a large 43 acre reservoir. Apart from the occasional fisherman or hiker, the park is largely unused.

The park can be accessed either from 45th Street SE, or from County Road 1 SE. It is directly west of the Gamehaven Scout reservation and abuts the western side of the boy scout reservation.

Why Gamehaven?

The park is a city park that has undergone little or no development over the last 30 years. It contains ideal terrain for numerous summer and winter sports. It has several hills that are north or west facing that are ideal for winter sports.  Its lack of development enables more creative planning for trails, etc. Currently the only silent sport that has been developed in Gamehaven is mountain biking. 

The park lies adjacent to the Gamehaven Boy Scout Reservation. Development of this park for outdoor activities complements the goals for the boy scout reservation and has already lead to the development of a synergistic relationship between the city park and  boy scout reservation. Development of the trail system for mountain biking has been a cooperative project of Rochester Active Sports Club and the Boy Scouts of America. Current trail utilizes both city park land and part of the boy scout reservation and was established with approval of the Joint Powers Board that oversees management of the reservoir, and the Rochester Park and Recreation Department. Below is an aerial view of the park. The yellow outline shows the current park boundaries. The red line shows the boundaries of the adjacent Boy Scout Reservation.

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