Snow Tubing

A snow tubing hill has the potential to be one of the most attractive features of the park. Experiences in Minneapolis have shown that a snow tubing hill attracts most people than any other park feature. Snow tubing does not require a large vertical drop to be practical. In looking at the options available in Gamehaven, four potential sites have been identified:

Snow Tubing Options

There are four potential locations for a tubing hill in Gamehaven. Each of the four is outlined below, with its relative strengths and weaknesses, and shown on the map above.

1) Fall: ~50’ (1140 – 1090)

– Starts from the existing road near the spillway into the valley

– Shortest and smallest overall. OK for tubing/sledding.

– Reasonably close to existing 45th  St. access

2) Fall: ~60’ (1160 – 1100)

– North of spillway on wooded slope

– Larger than 1) and close to existing 45th Sr. access.

3) Fall: ~80’ (1170 – 1090)

– On the opposite side of the dam. Starts from the upper corner of the existing field. 

    cross-country ski trail area  

– Access to Tubing is remote from existing accesses

4) Fall: ~100 (1190 – 1090)

– Uses adjacent parcel - would require land acquisition to the west of the current park boundary

– Longest run and would provide good tubing, sledding, Would provide the most expansion      

   area and may be suitable for a terrain park. Minimal interference with other park activities.

– Would be very close to the existing 45th  St. access

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