Nordic Skiing

Development of a sustainable Nordic ski trail system requires snowmaking capability. The adjacency of Gamehaven lake solves one of the key obstacles facing many snowmaking operations - availability of a supply of chilled water. Additional information on snowmaking at Gamehaven can be found in the tab on the left entitled "Snowmaking".

The layout of a Nordic trail will need to take into consideration other potential uses of the park in winter (e.g. snow tubing). With that caveat, below are a number of potential course designs for Nordic skiing in Gamehaven. The trail designs shown below would support both classic and skate techniques and would have trails suitable for elite racers to beginners. 

XC Ski Trail Options

The wooded hills on the south east side are populated with a number of good quality oak trees. Removal of a significant number of these is deemed to be unpopular and not desired. This exercise merely explores minimizing tree removal and stay in existing field areas.

Layouts for very basic trail loops are shown below. The yellow/red trail is assumed to use one wide bridge with 2-way traffic. The red/green trail is assumed to use one additional bridge/culvert suitable for 2-way traffic. The yellow trail is ~2.8 km long .The red trail is ~1.5km long and could be expanded. The green trail is ~1.4 km and could be expanded however it is mostly flat and most suitable for beginners. Total Trail for this simple feasibility – 5.7 km.

Jones Consulting - Gamehaven Park Project

Below is a more ambitious plan developed by Jones Nordic Consulting. This would require purchase of additional land to the west of the current park boundaries and would also utilize some of the Gamehaven Boy Scout reservation. This plan includes a start / finish area and was designed to FIS requirements for a national course capable of supporting national and international level competitions.

Please realize that these are concept drawings and are intended to show the potential of the terrain in the park for development of world class Nordic ski trails.

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