BMX Park / Pump Park

A cousin to mountain biking, and similar to a BMX course, a pump track is “a flat bike track built out of dirt with rolling and curved features. The object is to use your body weight to 'pump' through the terrain rather than pedal through. The track is built with this in mind so that you could essentially get through the whole track without [pedaling]. A pump track utilizes a relatively small parcel of land for public use that is inexpensive, quick to build and fun for families and riders of all ages and abilities. There are great benefits for the youth of the community. While there will be older, happy mountain bikers getting a great workout and off-road bicycle skills training, the biggest benefit is  getting kids on bikes. With this type of park, a non-bike-riding single parent can bring their child to a park and safely develop the child's bicycle-riding skills in a controlled environment, without having to travel far or take them out on the trails themselves.

How much land is needed for a pump park?

A space of 2-3 acres will support a full-scale BMX track when the park is located in an existing park or com­plex which already includes parking.

Track Size!

Perimeter 150’ x 350’- Based on the shape of the land the track can be designed within this area. To include spectators an additional an area of approximately 400’ x 500’ will be needed. 

To get an idea of how much fun a BMX park can be,here is a link to the St. Cloud BMX park that would provide the starting model if our park went forward.

Supporting Document on BMX / Pump Parks

Potential Track Operators Kit for creating a BMX track and BMX program: PTOK.pdf

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