Gamehaven Mountain Bike Trail Update (Dec 2015)

With outstanding fall weather, our mountain bike trail crew has completed another challenging loop. Most recently we have added a connector section that will allow us to make a long loop with the new trail going around the “south” point. This is a scenic ride along the lake with a challenging climb at the end.

Temporarily, we will use the Scout road (in red) that will take the riders to the “Rolling Thunder” campsite. Proceed through the campsite to the trail connector and have a fast downhill ride to the trail below. Trail markers – black arrows on a yellow background have been placed to guide you. Please refer to the map below.

Many thanks to all who have worked hard on weekdays and Saturday mornings to make this happen. The temporary trail will be replaced with a trail that will run through the woods behind the scout camp sites. This section has been rough cleared and will be ready for grading in the spring.

Gamehaven now has close to 7 miles of trail.

Gamehaven Master Plan Approved!

The Gamehaven Master plan was approved by Rochester Park and Recreation Board on June 2nd, and was approved by the Rochester City Council at its meeting on June 15th. The current version of the Master plan is attached below. note that this is a living document and will be modified and updated based on input and recommendations from planners and park staff.

Total costs for this project are estimated at over $14M !   The next stage is funding and we will begin to apply for Legacy fund and seek benefactor donations to begin work on this project.

Gamehaven Master Plan - June 2015

(Note: this is a large file ~ 8 Mb)

Gamehaven Revised Master Plan June 2th, City Hall (4:30 pm)

Below are the complete set of documents on plans for Gamehaven. These will be presented to the Park and Recreation Board on June 2nd for approval, and will go to the full Rochester City Council for approval later that month.

Gamehaven master plan overall

Gamehaven summer plan

Gamehaven - blow-up of northern section

Context map

Plans for chalet

Natural playground plans

Overview of Summer activities

Overview of Winter activities

Guiding Principles of Gamehaven Park

Gamehaven Proposal spurs Opinion Piece in Post Bulletin (January 2015)

The Gamehaven Park concept got a positive reception from the Post Bulletin in an opinion piece in the January 2nd issue.


Gamehaven Scores High on GMRPTC Review (December 24th 2014)

The Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission oversees requests for parks to be recognized as a regional park. this has implications for funding from the state, as highly ranked regional parks have the best cchance of securing funding. Hence it is important that we submit a strong application  for Gamehaven as a regional park. Jeff robertson, working with Mike Nigbur in the Rochester Park and Recreation Department, submitted the first round application on behalf of Gamehaven. The GMRPTC had been busy evaluating the more that 90 applications received them them for consideration. The result is their first ever System Plan, which was adopted last week by the Commission. A copy of that Plan can be found here. 

The good news is that Gamehaven was highly ranked by the commission, ranking 9th as a natural resource park and in the top 20 submissions overall.

End-of-Year Update on Gamehaven

Jeff Robertson has put a ton of work into behind the scene discussions with a whole range of people who need to give their blessing for any development in Gamehaven. He has met with Craig Blommer (Parks and Trails supervisor), Kevin Stauffer (Area Fisheries supervisor), and has worked closely with Mike Nigbur from the Parks and Recreation Department  who is very supportive of the Gamehaven plan. We recently presented to the Joint Powers Board who approved the plan for Gamehaven and in mid-December we got final approval from the Park and Recreation Board to proceed with plans for Gamehaven. So, finally, we are free to publicize our plan and begin to look for funding. While state funding (such as the Legacy funds) is an obvious target, we will also look at benefactor funding. Here is an interesting article in the Post Bulletin on the most recent approval from the Park and Recreation Board.

Destination Medical Center - April 22nd

DMC had their 1st public forum on April 22nd. They need input as to what makes Rochester a great place to live - so please contact them and let them know that a winter /summer sports park would be a great addition to our city. Click the image above to go totheir contact page.


Rochester City Council Members

Click above or here to see the current slate of members on the Rochester City Council - please contact your local city council member for your ward and ask for their support for the Gamehaven project

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